Deeds more than words: Pedro Pablo Rosso

Morelia, Michoacán. 29 June 2016, Santa Maria Campus. The lecture "Mission of the Catholic University" was held at the 2016 UVAQ Teachers’ Meeting, by Dr. Pedro Pablo Rosso Rosso, a Chilean national, who is currently an executive director within the Group of Advanced Studies “Universitas”; Director at the COPEC-UC Foundation; Director at the Friends of the Catholic University Inc. foundation; and Professor at the School of Medicine at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

To students, alumni, teachers, administrators, managers and the general public, Dr. Rosso highlighted the fact that the university was conceived from its origins as universal, i.e., open to all and dedicated to cultivating every form of knowledge and studying the truth in all its expressions. He stressed the fact that society and the Church ask the university that their studies program would allow the formation of people with a new openness and attitude; not only narrow specialists in the field of knowledge, culture, science and technology, but also builders of humanity, servants of the community of brothers, and promoters of justice out of guidance to the truth.

About being a teacher and teaching, he said that educators are responsible for leading the way by example, inspiring students' lives. To stand before the student with great humility, knowing that the educational process is as much what one teaches as what one learns, and there is always room to improve in every way.Assume our task with the responsibilities that entails, as a personal plan of continuous improvement.

He concluded by emphasizing the idea of ​​Pope Francis: "As a university, as schools, as teachers and students, life challenges us to answer two questions: What does Earth need us for?  Where is your brother?".

At the end Raul Martinez Rubio, Dean at UVAQ, thanked Dr. Rosso presenting him with a lacquer of Uruapan, Michoacán crafts, in gratitude for his visit.

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