Confidence, teamwork and support: foundations of entrepreneurship

Santa Maria Campus. "The first thing is self confidence, the first step to undertake any business activity is to believe in oneself, and not to have that trust taken away; second, sustain entrepreneurship well, a hunch is important but equally important is finding a way to sustain it, both must be present, because when you start something out of mere statistics or market study, it also lacks that "I have a hunch"; and finally, people, it is not easy to find willingness to work on common goals, and a good team makes the difference, this way any challenge can be solved, "said Miguel Angel Jimenez, President of USEM Morelia (Social Union of Mexican Businessmen) and General director of BALERCE, S.A., at Aula Magna of the campus, regarding the main challenges faced by people who want to undertake a business.


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