Ciudad Hidalgo chooses Miss UVAQ 2016

Vasco de Quiroga University Campus in Hidalgo City. In the framework of the XXV Anniversary that started works in the municipality of Hidalgo, as well as the culmination of activities from Don Vasco Week, UVAQ held its beauty pageant where Maritza Merlos Correa was elected as "Queen UVAQ 2016" at high school level. Also, Mirna Tello was crowned as "Queen UVAQ 2016" at undergraduate level.

In the competition, which was held at the Golden Palace hall in this city, eight beautiful students from UVAQ participated: Shakty Karell Alanís Paz, Natalia Escorcega Arriaga, Aratxa Estefanía Osorio Montaño, Itzel Vanesa Bernal Nieto, Guadalupe Monserrat Correa González, Jaqueline Salinas Urbina, Maritza Merlos Correa and Fabiola Marín Padilla.

The Jury of this event was composed by: Isabel Herrera Villicaña, Queen of Expo Feria Michoacán 2012; Norma Gonzalez Valle, fashion designer and Berenice Bejarano from the Public Relations Department, who had the difficult task of qualifying aspects such as: scenic control, beauty, knowledge of the subject, among others.

After the first runway which consisted of their personal presentation, the jury according to the grade obtained by the participants announced the names of the five finalists, who were: Natalia Escorcega Arriaga, Aratxa Estefanía Osorio Montaño, Guadalupe Monserrat Correa González, Jaqueline Salinas Urbina and Maritza Merlos Correa, who in the second stage of the contest had to answer a random question.

Afterwards the jury announced the final result: "Queen UVAQ 2016" high school level Maritza Merlos Correa; "First Princess" Natalia Escorcega Arriaga; "Second Princess" Aratxa Estefania Osorio Montaño. In addition to the titles "Miss Photogenic" given to Natalia Escorcega Arriaga; "Miss Congeniality" to Shakty Karell Alanis; and "Miss Elegance" given to Jaqueline Salinas Urbina.

Coronation and imposition of bands was in charge of municipal and educational authorities led by Ana Veronica Alcantar Ruiz, Coordinator of UVAQ Campus in this city, in addition to Jaime Almaraz González, Director of Vasco de Quiroga High School; Elizabeth Olvera Correa, Miguel Angel Guzman Bucio, Jaime Paz Medina, Joel Ivan Gonzalez Coria, among others.

It is worth mentioning that at the dance of Queen UVAQ election and coronation played the Group Musical Seduction of this city, who with their performance and good melodies lit up the event, making a good atmosphere of celebration and joy, with which the activities of the "Don Vasco Week 2016" were closed.

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