UVAQ presents the book “Multiplicity in Rousseau”

Morelia, Michoacán. March 12th, 2016, Santa Maria Campus. The book “Multiplicity in Rousseau” was presented through the office of Distance Open Education and the postgraduate coordination of political science at UVAQ, led by Rafael Bretón Pavon. The book was written by Roberto Benítez and Víctor Manuel Sánchez Hernández Márquez, researchers from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez.

The work was presented in auditorium B by Fidel Bello Aguilar, professor at UVAQ’s School of Philosophy, who noted, "in the book, the authors question things such as: what can we learn from Rousseau's speech? What is left of his thought? We live governed by institutions, which subject us to a state of progressive violence, that allow inequality to be shameful. We have reached a progress that isolates us as we had never imagined. Reading Rousseau’s warnings should lead us to think that we must fight for institutions that allow us all alike to become active citizens, willing to fight for a better world in which insecurity, inequality, poverty decline significantly. Where the governed are rulers. We must fight for institutions that preserve the best we have as men and women."

The presentation ended with a participatory series of questions and answers about the legacy of Rousseau.

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