UVAQ teachers professionalized in the competency-based approach

Santa Maria Campus. As part of the activities of the Department of Human Development and Skills, the Psychopedagogic Human Growth workshop "The Teacher and Competencies" was imparted by Prof. Patricia Jimenez Martinez.

Jimenez Martinez stressed the importance of the competency-based approach, and the constant training that teachers, as education professionals, should have. In addition, she addressed one of the teaching competencies suggested by Philippe Perrenoud; that of organizing Learning situations, for which she detailed activities and strategies such as, knowing the content to be taught and its equivalent in learning objectives in a particular discipline; working from students representations as well as, from mistakes and obstacles in learning, involving students in research and knowledge projects.

"At a later date, there will be more sessions on the subject in order to review the remaining nine competencies," said Julieta Arreguin Cortes from UVAQ’s Department of Human Development and Skills.

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