Memo Rojas visits UVAQ

Morelia, Michoacán. March 2nd 2016 Santa Maria Campus. UVAQ’s School of Marketing and Sales, invited the campus’s educational community to the Auditorium Cesar Nava for Memo Rojas’ conference, a Professional Pilot who spoke about the importance of responsible driving explaining each of the points of the Decalogue for Road Safety.

 "I am very grateful that my sport has given me a lot, I have been practicing for ten years. I started in go-carts and racing is a beautiful sport but has its risks. Because of the moral responsibility we have to give back, this Road Safety campaign was created together with Telmex motor-racing team and the Carlos Slim Foundation for all students. It is the number one cause of death among youth aged 15 to 35. I think young people listen to us being pilots and professionals in this subject and it has been rewarding. I’ve spent two years in this campaign and I believe that if out of every conference there’s one young person who listens to me, then I have saved at least one life, and for me it is something very worthwhile, "said Memo Rojas, Professional Pilot.

"It is a campaign that integrates several organizations with the intention of approaching universities and high schools so that through Memo Rojas’ testimony, who is a professional pilot, they can get data with statistics and information for them to recognize the importance of responsibility at the wheel" said Mitzi Arreola Rodriguez, Director of the School of Marketing and Sales at UVAQ.

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