We honor our history and dream of the future that we can build

Santa Maria Campus. The educational community of UVAQ gathered this morning at the Auditorium Cesar Nava to perform the Civic Act in honor of the flag of our country.

"Everything has as a basis the very essence of the human being, a being of encounters and relationship, based on love. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry says, love is not just look at each other but looking together in the same direction. Love must be complete without mistaking it with passion, it's more than that, it is free, conscious and intelligent, that is how common horizons are perceived and then feel as home. This is rooted in the family, this is part of a city, state and country. You're part of the human race. What gives us identity is that we are part of mankind and we need symbols to express that love as a group, a shield, a banner, a flag. We do not honor the flag itself, but as a symbol and what is behind the symbol that is our entire history, our present, sometimes good things and sometimes terrible things, but we also honor people who work daily and struggle, seeking justice, and of course, we also honor the dream of the future that we can build and we need to see that symbol, remember everything that it represents " said Carlos Luis Alvear Garcia, Director of Institutional Training at UVAQ and speaker at the event, who ended his speech quoting Iturbide: "Mexicans, you already know how to be free, it’s now your turn to define how to be happy.".



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