Representatives of the US Consulate visit UVAQ

Morelia, Michoacán. February 8th 2016 Santa Maria Campus. Raul Martinez Rubio, dean at UVAQ, received a visit from Kathleen Guerra, Public Affairs and Culture regional Consul of the United States General Consulate in Guadalajara, as well as Maria Elena Saucedo, who serves as Cultural Adviser to the same consulate.

At the meeting, issues were discussed related to increasing relations in academic collaboration and consulting with the EducationUSA Mexico Network, done through the EducationUSA advising center in Morelia, which is located on campus, within the Office of International Affairs, managed by Dr. Jacqueline Murillo who, hereinafter, will serve not only Michoacán’s society but also Colima’s society through outreach activities.

Similarly, issues related to the number of people from Michoacán who are in the United States, as well as the importance of access to education, were discussed.

As a way to reaffirm relations between the Consulate and UVAQ, a book exchange took place in which members of the University Board were present.

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