The most important project in life: love

Santa Maria Campus. "At the beginning of Lent, we are invited to live it as a godsend gift to review the most important project in life: love; to meditate: have I or have I not lived in love? Have I known or have I not known how to love? Have I found the love for others in me? Do I feel loved by God and share that love with others? This Lent will be beautiful if we love again. Only love changes and transforms reality. Only in the experience of love can I find happiness. We can say to God: you are love, Father, I want to come back to you and in you, find out that I am valuable, important, loved and able to love", said Father Julio César Torres Estrada, Chaplain of our university, to the UVAQ educational community, at the beginning of Lent Mass and imposition of ashes.

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