UVAQ’s International Trade major celebrates its 25th year with academic works

Morelia, Michoacán. February 22nd, 2016 Santa Maria Campus. The School of International Trade at UVAQ celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding with an Academic Conference "Interconnecting you in the world."

 During the inauguration, Raul Martinez Rubio, dean of our university, addressed those present noting that "we live in a process of increasing integration of economies of trade in goods and services and an increasing number of professionals operate on a global horizon. And it happens that both phenomena, commercial economic financial globalization, and technological progress, have mutually strengthened and quickened global economic dynamics. As professionals of business, the biggest challenge is to ensure that globalization has the face of solidarity: a globalization that does not ignore people. International trade should promote development and create new jobs and better supply its useful resources among human beings with an ethical criteria that should guide trade relations, seeking the common good and the universal destination of goods ". He then formally inaugurated the academic works.

After the event, Lila Lisseth Govea Dueñas, Director of the School of International Trade at Santa Maria Campus, explained "in these twenty years the school has worked hard for three major achievements: First, academic quality; Then, the positioning of the school at a company level, i.e., professional practices are strengthened and they have generated a job bank in which we have managed to get 100% of students in this last generation to start laboring even two months before finishing their major; thirdly, strengthening of relations with other universities that are peers and, also, with international trade organizations."

In the event, university authorities such as Maria Inés Pérez Alfaro, Academic Secretary and Jose de Jesus Lopez Castellanos, Administrative Secretary were present.

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