First student graduates from UVAQ’s School of Medicine

Morelia, Michoacán. February 5th 2016. Santa Maria Campus.- At exactly 14:00hrs and in the presence of university officials, Octavio Carranza Renteria, in an official act, graduated from the School of medicine with a degree as a General Practitioner, with mention for excellence in average.

 In the presence of the members of the synod, Dr. Luis Cardenas Bravo, President; Dr. Gerardo Barron Camacho, Secretary; Dr. Fernando Padilla, Vocal; Octavio Carranza Renteria gave the Hippocratic Oath, followed by the signing of the papers.

Dr. Fernando Padilla addressed the candidate saying: "I am pleased to witness this special moment because you are generating part of our university’s history as first graduate from the School of Medicine. With this oath that you have taken freely, solemnly and with honor, you commence the medical profession, it is an invocation to God as well as a statement to the commitment you will uphold, congratulations."

Meanwhile, Dr. Gerardo Barron Camacho said "In general and in particular it is cause for great satisfaction to the institution seeing how plans that were made ten years ago, are starting to materialize through the efforts of all of us working at UVAQ. We thank society for trusting us in the professional development of its children."

Dr. Luis Cardenas Bravo, Director of UVAQ’s School of Medicine said, "It is emblematic, it’s the culmination of a process, of a dream had for several years, of a medical school at a private university in the region. Undoubtedly it has a cultural contribution; I participated in the design of the major and seeing the project crystallized, it is an achievement that on one hand pleases us, and on the other, commits us even further to society in the continuous improvement of our academic quality."

"I am grateful to God, my family, and my university. It is a great pleasure, I love my major, I owe a lot to my university, I’ve learned beyond the knowledge of medicine." said Octavio Carranza Renteria.

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