Gastronomy awards the best of the best

Santa Maria Campus. The educational community of the School of Gastronomy gathered at the multipurpose hall to reward those who have excelled in the performance of their university preparation.

 During the event, José de Jesus Castellanos Lopez, Academic Secretary, exhorted those present to continue their efforts so that, through their profession, they can do well to society.

Meanwhile, Julian Nuñez Valdovinos, Director of the School of Gastronomy at UVAQ said: "The idea behind this event is to recognize the outstanding efforts of teachers and students academically, as well as in areas such as moral integrity and service attitudes".

The winners for Best Average: Anahí Azalia Bautista Valencia, Aida Sanchez Solis Suarez Nabor Cesar Benitez, Julio Alejandro Molina Aguillón, Abadallan Ruiz Maldonado.

Recognitions for outstanding Student went out to: Anahí Azalia Bautista Valencia, Ana Cecilia Lemon Guerrero Osio, Nabor Cesar Suarez Benitez.

Teachers recognized for their excellence were: Oliver Infante Lara, Hugo Jaramillo and Rocio Martinez.

After the awards, those gathered enjoyed some treats made by the same school.

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