Hawks flagging ceremony carried out at UVAQ 2016

Santa Maria Campus. The sports educational community at UVAQ met in the Cesar Nava auditorium to celebrate the flagging of UVAQ Hawks’ selections for the “Universiada” 2016 in its regional stage, to be held from February 17 to February 26.

 "These teams have represented our university with honor. These teenagers have taken upon themselves a great responsibility with their teams and in their actions, they fully experience the values ​​of our university, such as teamwork, leadership, healthy competition, which is the product of their own work and the important work done by each coach "said Martin Castro Nieves, Head of Sports.

Meanwhile, José de Jesus Castellanos Lopez, Academic Secretary, presented a flag to the teams and praised the performance of college athletes and the importance of competing values.

This event also recognized outstanding athletes of the previous school period, and was also attended by Luis Alvear, Director of Institutional Training.

UVAQ Hawks participate in the following disciplines: Basketball / men's and women's, Fast Soccer men's and women's, Football Association / men’s, Volleyball court/ men's and women's, Beach Volleyball / men's and women's, Tae Kwon Do / men's and women's and Karate / women’s.

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