Finishing touches to mural of Pope Francis

Santa Maria Campus. Second semester students of graphic design are adding more designs to a mural of Pope Francis located in building B of our university campus.

 Added to the composition there will be butterflies, the Virgin Mary, his name, and the date of completion.

"I loved the simplicity and personality of the Pope and then I thought to myself, how could I represent it in its splendor? I think his smile and all that goes with it, when you see the mural you almost feel like crossing yourself; because it really gives us joy, which I think should be permanent in our university." commented professor Ricardo Reynoso.

He also added, "These activities are conducted as part of the expressive drawing class. Students are expressing their ideas, are doing their part and as a teacher I coordinate them. The whole university should be filled with joy and we should convey adequate atmospheres to beautify our university with help from the schools of Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Design."

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