UVAQ’s Physical Culture and Sports supports Anahuac mini-Olympics

Morelia, Michoacán. Through an invitation by the preschool Anahuac Salesian College, the students of Physical Culture and Sport, supported the development of the mini-Olympics 2016.

 "Children between 3 to 5 years old participated. It involved individual races, relay, challenges with implements, among others. It is an educational strategy of challenges where children show their motor skills, collaborative work and values; an interesting thing is that parents are also involved. Students from the school were invited as judges; they were the games’ authority, aligning the playful and formative part of the activities. It has been a significant learning for the students, given that it evolved subjects such as administration, evaluation in physical education, as well as motor skills learning. They observed in a playful, recreational and practical activity how children develop and implement their own resources to resolve motor skills competitions, "said Rosario Salgado, Director of Physical Culture and Sports at UVAQ.

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