Demands for marketers: languages, innovation and interdisciplinarity

Santa Maria Campus. The workshop on marketing trends 2016 for a Global Market has concluded. It was given to teachers at the School of Marketing and Sales at UVAQ by Joel Juarez Bucio, Director of Marketing of Nuu, which groups Goose & Hopper, Manuvo, Ava, and Neuron.

 "Glocal, given the university’s vision, is a challenge given to me on how we can arrive with students to a market that is not only local and regional but can cross borders and, parting from my experience, is what I have come to share. It is important for teachers to be constantly updating in different scenarios and strengthen in our students their professional training."

Regarding the requirements that labor market demands of a marketer, Bucio Juarez said that they basically are: language skills; innovativeness and development; and interdisciplinarity, given that by working with people in other areas, enriches vision, creativity and ultimately professional performance becomes much higher.

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