Physical Culture has Uarhukua Chanakua workshop

Santa Maria Campus. Students of the School of Physical Culture and Sports are taking the Chanakua Uarhukua workshop as part of the quarterly activities of the subject in Traditional Game and Motor Game. This subject’s teacher, Andromeda Moreno, said: "This workshop is part of the strategies of the subject and it’s aimed at rescuing traditions and customs of our home state. It is important that students know everything about this traditional ballgame, so that they may, as future professionals, lead and promote this knowledge through their work."

As guest facilitators, there were members of the Multidisciplinary Group Kutzi Ka Jurhiata AC; meanwhile, Hedrina Huipe Perez said that "the game Uarhukua Chanakua is an ancient practice and is a sport with intrinsic values ​​and cultural background as well as symbolism. It is a game of honor, respecting the players and nature itself. Purépecha warriors practiced this as a prelude to battle and it was a way to solve conflicts. It is an ancestral practice with many values, therein lies the greatest importance to be familiar with it"

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