Diplomas Ceremony: IADD – CEDI Program

Between hugs, laughter and farewells, on the morning of December 8th, IADD (English for office staff, teachers and managers) program participants met with great joy to receive and accompany those who received diplomas for the previous school year.

The program, which began in early 2013, has already graduated two generations of speakers of the English language at different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced, and is aimed at employees of the University who wish to pursue their professional training with the learning of a second language.

At the meeting, participants heard a few words from coordinator Adriana Molina, who told those present: "The fact that you are here today and in the classroom every morning [...] when you have then to run to the office or teach your classes, validates the importance of programs like this one, because we all represent a part of the UVAQ community that wishes to continue to grow". The coordinator recognized the motivation and enthusiasm with which program participants progress in their knowledge of the language and commented that in the same way teachers of the program always reflect motivation, enthusiasm and love for their work. This is the true example of the expectations that the whole UVAQ community has about its students; they are agents of change, motivated to learn and not just to attend classes. At the end of the event, those present had a brief gathering where some images that are already part of this educational institution’s memory were captured.

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