UVAQ signs agreement with Michoacán State’s Intern Social Service Department

Morelia, Michoacán. December 8th, 2015, UVAQ Santa Maria Campus. Vasco de Quiroga University and the Executive Committee of Michoacán State’s Intern Social Service Department signed a cooperation agreement to join forces for the development of university students and to assist in the development of our State.

"The instruction has been given by the governor in order to dignify Social Service. Speaking of future professionals is a matter of great seriousness and responsibility. Social service is the opportunity for future professionals to share with society the knowledge they are acquiring, and is also the opportunity to go and see the environment in which they can develop. That is where we see a scenario of opportunities for the Executive Committee, trying to link them to sectors from Michoacán’s society. I celebrate and acknowledge the capacity of Vasco de Quiroga University to assist in the development of our State", said Eric Alcaraz Lopez, Executive Secretary of the Executive Committee of the State’s Intern Social Service Department.

Similarly, he noted that the executive committee is currently working on four cornerstones for linking young people: high-school and college educational sectors; municipal, state and federal governments; organized civil associations; and the productive or private sector.

For his part, Raul Martinez Rubio, Rector of UVAQ, said that "Signing an agreement in terms of social service is always a benefit for the young people who will graduate from our institution, as they can give back to society and there is always the opportunity to improve the relationship and the work that is implied. In the case of UVAQ, we train young people in the humanitarian spirit of Don Vasco de Quiroga to serve others. Our society needs people with the decision to help each other to succeed and overcome the difficulties that we are facing today as a nation and a State in particular. We are pleased that they demonstrate such a broad vision of social service at state government level".

The agreement was also signed by Carolina Cortez Vazquez, Head of UVAQ’s Social Service Department. The event was attended by students, faculty members and staff on campus.

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