International Trade organizes Knowledge Marathon

Santa Maria Campus. In order to find new, attractive and exciting ways of learning, and also to generate knowledge integration between different degrees in an atmosphere of enthusiasm, the 2015 and second edition of the annual Knowledge Marathon was held at the Cesar Nava auditorium.

Teams formed with one student from each of the four semesters had to answer random questions from more than 250 options on logistics, customs, law and other general concepts relevant to the subject.

Three qualifying rounds were organized, leaving three finalist teams. There was great excitement at the end of the semifinal since the first two teams got the same number of hits and misses. So, it was the failure of a last question which declared the runner-up, leaving as big winner an all-woman team that stood out from the beginning.

The winners were:

- Naomi Elizabeth Valdés 

- Claudia Lizbeth Morales 

- Alondra Quintero

- Maria Regina Velazco

The purpose of conducting this kind of activity every year is first to find new, attractive and exciting ways of learning, but also to generate integration and understanding between the different levels, allowing an atmosphere of enthusiasm, cooperation and support between groups in the process of strengthening the exchange of student knowledge.

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