Pope Francis appoints two auxiliary bishops for Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán. December 1st, 2015. The Pope Francis appointed Victor Alejandro Aguilar Ledesma and Herculano Medina Garfias as auxiliary bishops of the Archdiocese of Morelia.

At a press conference, Cardinal Archbishop Alberto Suarez Inda issued the announcement: "The bishop has the responsibility to make Jesus present, giving a testimony of mercy and love. I thank you and ask the community to support them in this new task. May God grant them the strength and health to fulfill the ministry of the universal Church."

During the announcement, the Auxiliary Bishop Carlos Suarez Cazares talked about the appointment: "I share the joy of the event indicated in this Archdiocese. They are highly qualified bishops in the field of family and social pastoral ".

For his part, Victor Alejandro Aguilar Ledesma, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Morelia, said: "I am happy and fairly serene for being an Auxiliary Bishop. I know it is a call to me from the Lord. With responsibility I trust in God and the Blessed Virgin Mary; I extend my thanks to Pope Francis for trusting me and also to Cardinal Alberto Suarez, hoping to be a faithful collaborator, to be a help to him and to the Archdiocese. It is a service, I am available to serve and I will do it with all the responsibility and commitment possible. "

While Herculano Medina Garfias, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Morelia, said: "I am grateful to God and to the Holy Father who has entrusted us the Mexican Bishopric. I am aware that there is much hunger and thirst for God. That is the first challenge that I see and that will be in my hands. The most knowledgeable ones have more obligations to serve; we must take on the challenges until the last consequences. "

Cardinal Suarez Inda said that the tasks of the Auxiliary Bishops will be to help throughout the territory of the diocese. They will have some specific responsibilities such as Educational, Social, Family and Migrants Pastoral areas, as well as contact with universities.

Regarding the trip to Morelia of our Holiness, Cardinal Suarez Inda said the reason is the fact that our city had never been visited by a Pope. He comes with the message to encourage us, give us confidence and tell us that we can work for a better world; we have to prepare this event well.

Ledesma Aguilar studied at the Seminary of Morelia and earned a degree in Family Ministry from the Lateran University in Rome. He was ordained priest on December 10, 1989.

Herculano Medina Garfias was born in Rincón de Cedeños, November 27th 1967. He studied at the minor and major seminaries in Morelia, and received his priestly ordination on February 15th 1996.

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