Creative and educational 2015 UVAQ Exhibition of Embryological Models

Morelia, Michoacán. November 13th 2015. Santa Maria Campus.- UVAQ’s School of Medicine presented for the fifth consecutive year embryological models made by students from first semester.

"We seek to strengthen our area in the teaching-learning process so that students acquire knowledge but also the ability to work in teams, while valuing the degree of complexity of embryology when applying it within the clinic, "said Dr. Maria Aida Zamudio Mendez, Professor of Embryology and Genetics, and also First Semester Coordinator at UVAQ’s School of Medicine. 

The winning students in model creativity were Rosalba Alvarez, Teresa Caballero, Leonardo Castrejon, Rosaline Garcia and Libertad Ibarra. The outstanding team in the area of thematic presentation was: Monserrat Ayala, Keyla Barajas, Karla Molina, Laura Muñoz, Alfredo Anaya and Christian Granados. Ramiro Meza won the Jeopardy contest.


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