Nutrition UVAQ celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Morelia, Michoacán. November 10th, 2015. UVAQ Santa Maria Campus - At exactly 9:00 a.m., the inauguration of the School of Nutrition’s Academic Conferences took place, celebrating their 10th Anniversary: “Yesterday’s Pioneers, Tomorrow’s Precursors”.

Nutrition UVAQ celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Jose de Jesus Lopez Castellanos, Academic Secretary, told those present that "what matters is the human person and his full development, informed and trained in this Christian humanism that is geared towards serving others. If we train, prepare and exercise our respective professions with the same sense of altruism as did Don Vasco de Quiroga, the social transformative force will be enormous. "

Then, Dr. Hector Manuel Garcia Fernandez, Director of the School of Nutrition, summarized the development of the school from its founding on November 8th 2005. He highlighted the work that the students have been making with their mentors in health campaigns, conferences, workshops, academic conferences, brigades, meetings, social community service, among others, spreading health through nutrition.

He said that the school has trained seven generations and more than four hundred graduates; "Our country is in the top ranks for obesity and has 20 million people in food poverty. You are not the nutritionists of tomorrow. Today, each of you represents the transforming present and must commit to his or her country. "

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