Student mobility, a significant transformation

Morelia, Michoacán. UVAQ Santa Maria Campus. On November 9th, 2015, a presentation of the book “National and International Comparative Education”, supervised by Navarro-A and Z. Leal M. Navarrete-Cazales from the Mexican Society of Comparative Education (SOMEC) took place. It includes a chapter based on research by Dr. Jacqueline Murillo Ruiz, Director of International Relations at UVAQ, who welcomed the participants and expressed her appreciation for the opportunity of such an inclusion.

"Comparative Education is seen as an indispensable field for education policies in the world, for the design and impact of educational innovation and for pending reforms or government agendas, hence it is an issue of fundamental importance in human relations and economic social groups " declared Jose de Jesus Lopez Castellanos, Academic Secretary of the University.

For her part, Dr. Sandra Luz Garcia Sanchez UVAQ professor and researcher, explained that "there is a challenge for contemporary society in the acceptance of multiculturalism, as it comes to redefine the goals of the international community as a phenomenon that fosters knowledge and both personal and community development through multicultural experiences in various geographical areas. It also requires the construction of paradigms and tools that allow understanding it in order to guide young people and the institutions themselves to get the best result."


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