SEDUVAQ strengthens its community

Morelia, Michoacán. November 07th, 2015, UVAQ Santa Maria Campus - The meeting between UVAQ’s Open University and Distance Learning System (SEDUVAQ) took place at the university’s auditorium, gathering nearly 400 people from Acámbaro, Apatzingán, Lázaro Cárdenas, Morelia, Ciudad Hidalgo, Puruándiro, Tacámbaro, Pátzcuaro, Uruapan, Zacapu and Estado de México.

"With this meeting, we seek that students from both educational systems, open university and distance learning, get together and mingle, that together we form a community and share this belonging to UVAQ through academic activities such as conferences and workshops (e.g. Introduction to Oral Trials, Financial Intelligence, Emotional Communication); as well as games, recreational, cultural and sports activities", said Professor Teresita Vega Campa, Director of the Open University and Distance Learning System.


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