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Quiroga College provides access to substantial computer-based resources to all members of the College community, free of charge. The College’s technology center includes both Windows-based and Macintosh-based systems, with robust software offerings.  



Operating systems:

- Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 or later.
- Mac OS 10.6 or later, with a Microsoft® Windows® partition.
- Microsoft® Office 2013 or later for a personal computer (PC).
- Microsoft® Office 2013 for a Mac.
- Microsoft® Access.
- Microsoft® Project (for selected courses).
- Browser such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Mozilla® Firefox, Google® Chrome, Apple® Safari 5.0.
- Adobe® Reader 9.0 or later.
- Adobe Flash plug-in 10.0 or later.
- Anti-virus application (updated regularly).
- Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET.
- Microsoft® Visio.
- Microsoft® SQL Server.
- Red Hat® Enterprise LINUX®.
- Adobe® Flash Professional.
- Adobe® Dreamweaver.
- Adobe® Photoshop.
- Adobe® Acrobat Standard.
- JAVA™ Runtime Environment, Java™ Development Kit.
- Visual Logic.

Technology update


Quiroga College´s Information Technology department will routinely review available technologies and make regular recommendations concerning acquisition and upgrades to hardware and software components.



Quiroga College plans to acquire 372 books and 124 periodicals subscriptions during the first years of operation.

In addition to these printed materials, through its partnership with UVAQ, Quiroga students will have access to the UVAQ’s Digital Library E-Book database, which provides access to more than 30,000 digital books and 5,000 periodicals on.



In addition to the substantive electronic book offerings as described herein, Quiroga College has entered into agreements with the Chicago Public Library and Rudy Lozano Public Library Branch.

Through these agreements, students at the College will have access to Chicago’s public libraries’ substantial holdings of books, periodicals, historical records, and substantial online resources.


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Address: 2114 W 22nd Pl. Chicago. IL 60608

Contact/Phone: (773) 523 2420

Accreditation: Quiroga Institute has not received accreditation status with a US Department of Education recognized accrediting body.

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