Message From President of UVAQ

Message from Mr. Raul Martinez Rubio, Principal from Vasco de Quiroga University


“How are you:

I am Raul Martinez Rubio, President of Vasco de Quiroga University. Today Chicago is the most important city of the region know as the Midwest, and one of the most important in the United States, where most of the immigrants residing there are Mexican and most of them come from Michoacan.

A significant portion of the Latinos completed their elementary education, but only a low percentage completed high school or higher education.

That is the reason why at Vasco de Quiroga University, concerned as we are with rescuing and strengthening the values and the appreciation of their cultural roots, we have decided to offer the Hispanic population living in this city, an option in higher education, evangelizing the mind and hearts of all young people, through the Quiroga College in Chicago.


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Address: 2114 W 22nd Pl. Chicago. IL 60608

Contact/Phone: (773) 523 2420

Accreditation: Quiroga Institute has not received accreditation status with a US Department of Education recognized accrediting body.

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